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Cleaning lysis

This kit aids in the cleaning of the wells of the thermocycler where the milk samples produce results 
Cleaning lysis kitCleaning lysis kit

Sample cup labels

Labels are bar coded and scanned into the system to identify the cow sample
Sample cup labelsSample cup labels

Milk lysis reagents

Reagent used to prepare the milk sample by cleaning the milk samples for processing. They include tube A (yellow) and tube B (blue)
Milk lysis reagentsMilk lysis reagents

Acumax pipettors

Fixed volume Pipettor used to extract the samples and inject into reagent tube. Available in 100uL, 200uL, and 1,000uL
Acumax pipettorsAcumax pipettors

Pipette tips

Tips used when taking samples from Tube A to Tube B. Available in 200uL and 1,000uL (box of 96)
Pipette tipsPipette tips

Sample Cups

Milk cups to use when extracting milk sample from the cow. Available in bag of 25
Sample CupsSample Cups

PCR Reagents

PCR ReagentsPCR Reagents

Leon Corse, Whitingham, VT

No more shipping samples for testing. With Acumen Detection, we do it all ourselves, right here on the farm.

Authorized distributors

Acumen reagents are available through the following distributors. For assistance or product support, call Acumen Detection at (833)345-6455