Acumen Detection promotes wellbeing on dairy farms

Early detection with Acumen reagents enable dairies to produce better milk while improving animal welfare and business outcomes. Acumen Detection is used by milk laboratories, veterinarians and on-farm by dairy producers who want the best for their herds.

Acumen has its roots in Central New York dairy country. Using technology adapted from American military operations halfway around the world during Operation Desert Storm, the U.S. Army developed portable, early-detection systems that could save the lives of troops under chemical or biological attack. In 2015, Acumen was formed when it became appartent that this breakthrough pathogen-detection technology could revolutionize the way dairy farmers protect the health of their herds.

The Acumen difference

Acumen Detection worked with researchers at Cornell University to develop innovative reagents and incorporate Real-Time PCR for detection that is specific, sensitive and rapid.
  • Acumen Detection Inc. has five patents
  • Our reagents are manufactured in the United States
  • We sell our products to dairy producers, veterinarians, and milk laboratories in the United States, Canada and Panama through a distribution channel that includes Veterinarian’s Outlet, IBA, Diamond City Farm Supply, Leedstone and Dairy Farmers of America
  • Acumen sells reagents and provides training and customer support
Meet the Team
Chief executive officer
Chuck leads Acumen Detection’s team. He consults with dairy owners, veterinary practices and milk laboratories on the uses of PCR technology and reagents for effective managing and business optimization. He is an entrepreneur, having run seven businesses over the course of his career, as well as an engineer with three U.S. Patents to his name. He has invested in more than 60 companies and continues to volunteer his time to mentor technology startups. Chuck earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in engineering from Syracuse University and is the co-author of two books.
Business operations director
Kristin has been a contributor to Acumen Detection’s successful business development since its early conception. Kristin has a passion for building strong relationships with both internal and external customers. She creates an atmosphere of inclusion as she helps guide all business units in achieving their strategic goals with her coaching and mentoring. She brings with her over 20 years of management experience in the healthcare financial industry and is currently working on furthering her education at SUNY Empire State College
Production manager
Brandon was born and raised in Syracuse he brings over a decade of academic research experience to the team. Brandon received degrees while performing organic chemistry research from SUNY Cortland, BS, and Rochester Institute of Technology, MS, prior to pursuing a PhD in chemistry from Syracuse University with an emphasis on medicinal and biochemistry research. He joined Acumen after completing an industry postdoc and is thrilled to join the team. 
Territory manager
Ray was raised in the dairy industry, working on his family’s dairy from a young age to eventually managing the dairy until. Ray and his wife Erica have two adult children — their daughter just started her freshman year at Oklahoma State and their son is training to be a Diesel Technician. Ray currently is on the CA FFA Foundation Board and sits on the Denair Unified School District Board. Ray has previously served on the National Dairy Board, both as a Board Member and as the Treasurer. During his time on the National Dairy Board he was also on the Dairy Management Inc., Board and worked with the affiliated Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Ray serves on the Valley Water Collaborative, an industry-funded effort to provide drinking water to those impacted by nitrate levels in the Central Valley. Ray has a passion for sustainability, innovation and how both can be used by the dairy industry to lead the charge in efforts to benefit the environment.
Territory manager
Dan is a territory manager / outside sales representative. He began his career at Acumen in 2019 as an inside sales associate and quickly distinguished himself through technical aptitude and as an quintessential customer advocate. Prior to joining Acumen, Dan apprenticed as a butcher in a craft butcher shop in Denver. Now, two years after returning to his hometown of Syracuse, N.Y., he regularly travels across the United States for sales and account management. Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University. 
Production manager

Sam brings operations experience to Acumen from prior roles in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, with a focus on improving sustainability and efficiency. He has a track record of success in acquiring funding and completing ambitious projects in the Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology fields. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, and a Bachelor of Science in Environment, Sustainability, and Policy from Syracuse University.

Research and development manager
Jane leads the Research and Development laboratory at Acumen. She has an extensive background in academic research in the areas of microbiology, evolution, and bioinformatics, with a particular emphasis on pathogen detection. She has a passion for the scientific process and is excited about helping support our customers through product development and innovation. Jane earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from SUNY Oswego and her Master of Science degree in Biology from Syracuse University.